Active in the domain of global communication and more specifically in the development of the vision of your activity, art direction and visual communication design.


In 2013 I did my first short film called Save the World that is already selected in competition at several international festivals.
Other artistic projects are under development.

Sylvain Renou


Graduated as a designer in visual communication, I worked for ten years as a communications consultant.
Also at the origin of many artistic initiatives, I’m actively invested in the development of ideas and projects complementary to my activity in the field of communication


Last posts


Abandoned park in Berlin

Photography 02/08/2016
During my holidays, I came across on that abandoned park. It was closed and protected by security officers. I broke into the park and it was like the memory of a childhood game to take those pictures without getting caught by security officers I was so afraid and excited at the same time.

my imagination’s journey

Craft 02/08/2016
A morning without energy for my work ... I built this little boat and played with it on my sweatshirt. it was relaxing and fun.

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